Announcing the Open Home Foundation | From the creators of Home Assistant

The Open Home Foundation fights for the fundamental principles of privacy, choice, and sustainability for smart homes. And for every person who lives in one. It does this by supporting the development of open-source projects, and open connectivity and communication standards.

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Our principles


Control your personal data.

Share only what you want. With whom you want. Without modifying your behavior because of an algorithm. To ensure privacy, smart home devices must work locally, and cloud services must be optional and opt-in.


Mix and match devices.

Across manufacturers. Without vendor lock-in, or arbitrary barriers to interoperability. To ensure user choice, devices and the management of data they gather should operate via open standards and local APIs.


Repurpose your hardware.

And reduce your environmental impact. To ensure sustainability, devices must be built for durability, open to modification, and part of a system providing tools to track, automate, and reduce waste and emissions.

Our work

The Open Home Foundation owns and governs over 240 open-source projects, standards, drivers, and libraries like Home Assistant, ESPHome, Zigpy, Piper, and more.

In the future, we aim to play a greater role as a political advocate for smart home privacy, choice, and sustainability.

Our collabs

Thanks to support from our partner Nabu Casa, we also collaborate on external member projects that align with our principles. These include Z-Wave JS, WLED, Rhasspy, and Zigbee2MQTT.

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Support us

Our work is primarily supported through subscriptions to Home Assistant Cloud, and by your contributions to open-source projects aligned with our principles.

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