We are a community of communities.
Only as strong as our partners, members, projects, and contributors.


It’s the DNA from our central projects—full-scale software we own and oversee development of—that gave rise to the idea of the Open Home Foundation in the first place. These are our headline efforts. But also, just the beginning.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is an open-source, home automation platform that puts local control and privacy first. It is powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts, and exists to put users in control of their homes, their data, and their personal well-being.


ESPHome is a system to control ESP8266, ESP32, and other microcontrollers to empower makers to repurpose or create custom smart home devices. It’s based on simple, yet powerful low-code configuration files, and is compatible with Home Assistant and other home automation systems. It also works as a standalone system.


These are external member projects the Open Home Foundation collaborates on—but doesn’t own. We love what their teams are doing, and think their success is critically important to promoting privacy, choice, and sustainability in the smart home space. Our main requirement is that they remain open to everyone. Not just us.


Rhasspy is an open-source, fully offline, private voice assistant. It can be used with many human languages, and works with numerous protocols and home automation platforms and services. Thanks to the Open Home Foundation, Michael Hansen, the creator of Rhasspy, can work on the project full time.

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WLED is an ESP-based webserver to control digital LEDs over Wi-Fi. It supports over a dozen light control interfaces, including standalone apps for Android and iOS. It is a feature-rich project, with a modern user interface, over-the-air updates, and support for addressable RGBW strips. The Open Home Foundation owns ESP Web Tools, with powers the WLED web installer, making the project more accessible for more people.

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Zigbee2MQTT is a bridge that allows you to control Zigbee devices without the vendor’s proprietary bridge or gateway. It is an open system that allows users to integrate devices with any smart home infrastructure they want, as long as it supports the lightweight MQTT messaging protocol.

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Z-Wave JS is an open-source Z-Wave device driver, supported by a small team of smart home enthusiasts. Thanks to resources directed to the project by the Open Home Foundation, Dominic Griesel is employed to work on Z-Wave JS on a full-time basis.

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